Why Do I Have Heel Pain

Heel Pain Your heel bone is the largest bone in your foot and is the first to hit the ground when running or walking. Heel pain is very common and can be due to quite a number of conditions.

Explaining Heel Pain:
Your heel bones are designed to be the first bones to strike the ground. Your Achilles tendon connects into the back of the heel bone and a strong ligament along the base of the foot attaches to the bottom of the heel bone. A few small muscles also connect to the heel bone just above the insertion of the plantar fascia.
With all of the walking and running that the heel bone is put through and the tugging on all of these ligaments and muscles, then it’s no shock that heel pain is so common.

What causes your heel pain:

Many books have been written on heel pain and causes. The problem is that there is no one cause of heel pain. Some of the kinds of problems that can be seen in the heel include:
Heel Spurs – Small bony spurs that develop on the bottom of the heel. They do not create any physical problems. It is brought up because it is a common myth that they are a problem – nearly always the pain thought to be heel spurs is really plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is easily the most common cause of heel pain and is caused by a strain of the long ligament along the base of the foot. Pain when getting out of bed first in the morning is a common example.

Certain diseases can uncommonly cause heel pain, such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Stress fractures can bring problems also. This is an abnormal reaction of bone to stress can occur in those that are very active or have weaker bones.

Sometimes considered to be a cause of heel pain is a “Stone Bruise” – its is simply a bruise of the bone.

One additional cause of heel pain is problems with your calf muscles that refer pain to the heel or pain referred from the lower back via the nerves from the back to the heel.

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