Top Used Home Remedie To Help With Foot Pain And Reduce Inflammation

feet in hot and cold water

Hot and cold water therapy can be a very effective way to treat foot pain. The hot treatment promotes blood flow, and the cold treatment is a big help in the reduction of inflammation.

You can fill one bucket with cold water with ice and another with just bearable hot water. Grab a comfy chair, lower your feet in the hot water for four minutes and then repeat the same process with ice cold water for at least 15 seconds or up to a full minute if you can handle it. Keep repeating the back and forth process two or three times and always finish with the ice cold foot bath.

If your have these items you can also or instead of apply a heat pad and an ice pack one after the other for 10 minutes to reduce pain and swelling in your feet.

This is a very simple and cheap place to start when trying to solve your foot pain problems. No need to buy a lot of expensive foot gadgets if you can get by with items you already own and have at home.

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