Pain On The Top Of My Foot – Feet Ache Problems


Top of of your foot pain can come from many sources. The location of the pain and type will help determine the cause of the pain.

When pain occurs near the middle of the top of your feet. Forms in this region of the foot that the tendons lead to the toes and becomes inflamed. This is called extensor tendonitis.

Sudden onset of pain on the top of the foot and just behind the toes, without a history of trauma, may be a stress fracture of a metatarsal bone. There is usually swelling in the area and it is painful to the touch.

One cause of pain usually associated with aging on the top of the foot is osteoarthritis. This causes a bony swelling. Osteoarthritis is often seen in people with flatfeet or collapsing arches.

Degenerative arthritis can cause pain on the top of the foot around the big toe joint. Bone spurring occurs on the top of the foot. Pressure from a shoe can cause pain. Treatment for this condition consists of anti-inflammatory medication and functional foot orthotics. Surgery can be an option for degenerative arthritis of the big toe joint.

More causes of pain on the tops of your feet are:

• Ganglions, sacs of jelly-like fluid that develop after a leak in the joint capsule, often form on the top of the foot, and can also cause top of foot pain.

• Tendonitis, the irritation of a muscle tendon, the rope-like muscle that attaches to the bone, can cause top of foot pain.

• Morton’s neuroma, an inflammation of the common digital nerve between adjacent toes on the bottom of the foot, can sometimes cause top of foot pain.

• Hammertoes, a condition that causes the toes to bend so that the tip of the toe is pointed down can lead to top of foot pain.

Often a sprained foot and other more severe conditions can also result in top of foot pain.


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