Do Toe Stretchers Work – AKA Yoga Toes


Toe Stretcher ads usually ask the questions – Do you suffer from sore and tired feet? Do you stand all day and need relief? Do you have plantar fascitis, bunions or hammertoes? They asked all the right questions but do Yoga Toes work?

Toe Stretchers, or as as they are also commonly called after the brand name, Yoga Toes, are a gel device that separates your toes and gently pulls them apart from one another. To use Toe Stretchers, all you have to do is place your toes into the holes and wear them while relaxing. No exercising needed. The Toe Stretchers do all the work while you kick back.

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of HealthyToes Toe Stretchersas a gift last Christmas. Two days later I had the chance to give them a try. That morning I slipped them on for 15 minutes per instructions that came with the stretchers. The initial stretching out of my toes felt great but by the end of the 15 minutes my feet were beginning to ache. Over then next few days of using them the aching went away as my toe became used to the stretching.

After using the Toe Stretchers for two weeks the biggest change I saw was in the way my arches felt. I didn’t have the burning pain in the balls of my feet at the end of the day as I normally do. That was the biggest surprise. I had expected some change in the way my toes felt but the improvement with foot arch pain was a blessing.

I don’t have bunions or hammertoes so I can’t say how much pain relief the HealthyToes Toe Stretchersmay give you for that type of foot pain. I can say for sure though that toe stretcher go a long way towards relieving foot arch pain if use on a regular basis. At least in my case.

Doctors talk Yoga Toes in this video.

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